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Limerick Echoes Resolute Calls for Home Rule as Irish Leaders Unite |

Limerick Echoes Resolute Calls for Home Rule as Irish Leaders Unite

The looming spectre of civil war emerged as a focal point

In a powerful display of solidarity, the city of Limerick resounded with the fervent calls for Home Rule as prominent Irish Members of Parliament, including Messrs. Lundon, O’Shaughnessy, and Hazelton MP..S, took centre stage at a demonstration held yesterday. The event, attended by passionate crowds of Limerick city and county Nationalists, marked a significant moment in the ongoing pursuit of self-governance.

Special trains were deployed to transport supporters from various locations, including Newcastle West and other towns, underlining the widespread backing for the cause. The United Irish League the Ancient Order Of Hibernia., and the Volunteer groups, accompanied by spirited bands, added a dynamic force to the demonstration. Even the Mayor of Limerick joined the assembly, underscoring the gravity of the occasion.

The gathering, presided over by Fr. John Coleman, J.P., commenced with a symbolic act. Mr R. Ambrose was invited to open the proceedings by ringing “A Nation Once Again,” a rallying cry that resonated with each attendee, fostering a sense of shared purpose.

Letters of apology from esteemed clergy members, including Very Rev. Canon Power, P.P., Kilteely; Rev. Father Conway, P.P., Manister; Rev. Father Ryan, P.P., Caherconlish; and Roy. Father Hanley, P.P., conveyed their regrets for not being present. Mr Basil Roche, writing from Pau, expressed sympathy with the meeting’s objectives, despite being unable to attend.

One of the noteworthy moments came when Mr Samuel Harris, a Protestant Home Ruler, took the stage to propose a series of resolutions. These resolutions pledged the unwavering determination of Nationalist Ireland to secure Home Rule at any cost. Mr Harris, dispelling fears among Protestants, emphasized the harmonious coexistence between Protestants and Catholics in the South of Ireland, pointing to thriving businesses that served both communities.

Dr Hartigan passionately seconded the resolutions, underlining the importance of recognizing common ground and shared aspirations for a united Ireland.

The looming spectre of civil war emerged as a focal point in the speeches, with Mr T. Lundon, MP.., cautioning against a potential disaster that would befall Ireland if the path to Home Rule was obstructed. He dismissed the notion that the Irish Catholics or Nationalists would back down, asserting that any conflict would be a setback for opponents of Home Rule rather than the Nationalists.

The issue of Ulster and the potential for exclusion under the Home Rule Bill were also addressed. Mr O’Shaughnisey, MP.., declared that Ireland was making strides, emphasizing that the days of ascendancy were over. He conveyed the message that power, place, and position were transitioning into the hands of the people, urging all classes and creeds to stand on an equitable footing.

Mr Hazleton, MP.., brought the focus to the impending parliamentary struggle for Home Rule. He expressed confidence that a swift and decisive victory in Parliament would pave the way for the triumphant return of Mr John Redmond and the Irish Party to their old Parliament House.

In a remarkable gesture, Mr Hazleton highlighted the support of a Protestant Home Ruler as a testament to the evolving landscape of Irish unity. He assured the crowd that there would be no exclusion of Ulster under the proposed Home Rule Bill.

As the event concluded, with speeches from Mr D. J. Madden, National Directory; Mr W. Whelan, Newcastle-West; and Mr John Osborne, Bruff, the atmosphere was charged with determination. The resolutions were overwhelmingly passed, signalling a collective commitment to the cause of Home Rule.

The resounding echoes of Limerick’s solidarity on this historic day reflect the unwavering spirit of the Irish people in their quest for self-determination and a united Ireland.

Irish Independent – Monday 09 February 1914

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