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Solemn Farewell to Stalwart Servant: Funeral of Sister Mary Alaocque (Connolly) |

Solemn Farewell to Stalwart Servant: Funeral of Sister Mary Alaocque (Connolly)

In a poignant ceremony marked by profound reverence, the funeral of Sister Mary Alaocque (Connolly), Superioress of St. Michael’s Hospital, unfolded with solemnity and respect. The devout congregation gathered to pay their final respects to a woman whose life was devoted to the service of the Sisters of Mercy Order. Sister Alaocque, a native of Limerick, passed away at the age of 72, concluding her remarkable 48-year journey within the hallowed walls of the religious community.

The funeral rites, conducted with grace and dignity, commenced with a heartfelt Mass and Office, resonating with the echoes of prayers that had been a cornerstone of Sister Alaocque’s life. The atmosphere, sombre yet filled with a sense of spiritual gratitude, enveloped St. Michael’s Hospital, a place where Sister Alaocque had held the position of Superioress for an impressive decade.

Sister Alaocque’s religious journey began in Limerick, where she took her first steps into the sacred path of the Sisters of Mercy. Over the span of 48 years, she dedicated her life to the principles of compassion, healing, and devotion to the service of others. Her legacy extended beyond mere years; it was woven into the very fabric of the religious community she served.

The procession that followed the Mass made its way to the cemetery of the Sisters of Mercy Order at Goldenbridge, a place that now stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of a devoted nun. The hallowed ground embraced Sister Alaocque’s mortal remains, providing a serene resting place for a soul that had touched the lives of many.

Born in Limerick, Sister Alaocque’s journey in the Sisters of Mercy Order unfolded with grace and dedication. Her tenure as Superioress of St. Michael’s Hospital marked a chapter of immense significance, spanning a decade of selfless service. Her leadership brought comfort and solace to the ailing, earning her the admiration and respect of both the Sisters of Mercy and the broader community.

Before assuming the role of Superioress at St. Michael’s Hospital, Sister Alaocque had been entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing Brickfield Lane Convent for five years. During this time, her commitment to the principles of the Sisters of Mercy shone brightly, leaving an indelible mark on the institution she served.

Carysfort Convent, too, bore witness to Sister Alaocque’s unwavering dedication. For 12 years, she assumed the pivotal role of mistress of novices, guiding and nurturing the next generation of Sisters with a blend of wisdom and compassion. Her influence rippled through the corridors of Carysfort, shaping the futures of those under her tutelage.

The solemn ceremonies that marked Sister Alaocque’s final journey were attended by a multitude of local clergy, a poignant symbol of the deep respect and admiration she had garnered throughout her life. The Right Reverend Monsignor O’Donnell, P.P., Blackrock, presided over the sacred proceedings, offering words of solace and remembrance.

As the community bid farewell to a stalwart servant of God, the echoes of Sister Alaocque’s devotion continue to resonate within the walls of St. Michael’s Hospital, Brickfield Lane Convent, and Carysfort Convent. Her legacy lives on in the hearts of those she touched, a testament to a life lived in service, compassion, and unwavering faith.

In the quietude of the cemetery at Goldenbridge, Sister Mary Alaocque (Connolly) found her final resting place, surrounded by the Sisters of Mercy she had called family for nearly five decades. The winds of time may carry away the physical presence, but the spirit of Sister Alaocque remains eternally embedded in the sacred tapestry of the Sisters of Mercy Order.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Monday 30 March 1914

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