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"Guardians Renew Unanimous Support for Redmond and Home Rule" |

“Guardians Renew Unanimous Support for Redmond and Home Rule”

In a resounding display of solidarity, the Board of Guardians convened at their fortnightly meeting, addressing the recent controversy surrounding a resolution that had sparked debates and divisions among its members. The resolution in question, previously adopted on April 1st, had purportedly created confusion and disagreements within the board, leading to calls for its reconsideration.

The resolution, as revealed during the meeting, had expressed support for the Irish Parliamentary Party, particularly Mr John E. Redmond, in their pursuit of Home Rule. However, certain members, led by Mr Rahilly and his colleague, contended that the adoption had been hasty and lacked a clear understanding of its implications.

Mr Rahilly, while acknowledging that some members might not have fully grasped the resolution’s meaning during the initial adoption, emphasized the importance of standing united behind Mr Redmond. He argued that any attempt to rescind the resolution would only hinder the efforts of the Irish Parliamentary Party in advancing the cause of Home Rule.

During the discussions, Mr Clancy expressed pleasure in supporting the resolution, aligning himself as a staunch supporter of Mr Redmond and the Irish Parliamentary Party. The debate also witnessed Mr Bourke and others highlighting the potential consequences of rescinding the resolution, cautioning against creating obstacles for Mr Redmond’s ongoing endeavours.

Notably, Mr Bourke drew attention to the historical context, invoking past struggles and the Treaty of Limerick as evidence that internal divisions among Irishmen had often hindered progress. He urged the board to prioritize unity and cautioned against actions that might undermine the broader goal of achieving Home Rule.

However, dissenting voices, led by Mr Sheehan and Mr Clancy, suggested that there had been misunderstandings surrounding the resolution’s intent. They hinted at external influences, including Dublin Castle and Sinn Féin, suggesting a possible plot to disrupt Irish unity.

As the debate unfolded, Mr Regan proposed the closure of the resolution, emphasizing the need for an all-Ireland approach and expressing concerns about excluding any part of the country from the benefits of Home Rule. The subsequent vote marked a division among the members, with Mr P. Bourke registering his dissent. As the political landscape in Ireland continued to evolve, these events reflected the intricate dynamics and diverse opinions among the Irish populace, underscoring the challenges and aspirations of the time.

Freeman’s Journal – Friday 17 April 1914

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