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"Judge Smith Celebrates Peace in Limerick - White Gloves for Unblemished Quarter Sessions" |

“Judge Smith Celebrates Peace in Limerick – White Gloves for Unblemished Quarter Sessions”

In a ceremony marking the commencement of the Quarter Sessions for the West Division of Limerick, County Court Judge Law Smith was presented with a pair of white gloves, symbolizing the absence of criminal cases for trial. The event unfolded at Rathkeale, where Judge Smith expressed his gratitude for the gesture and lauded the county for maintaining a peaceable condition. This marks the third occasion on which the judge has received such a gift, signifying the continued tranquillity within the region.

The Quarter Sessions, a regular feature in the legal calendar, serve as a platform for the adjudication of criminal cases. However, the absence of any such matters this time prompted the presentation of the symbolic white gloves to Judge Smith, an acknowledgment of the prevailing peace in the West Division of Limerick.

Mr Lucas, the sub-sheriff, had the honour of presenting the white gloves to Judge Smith. The judge, visibly pleased with the gesture, addressed those in attendance, expressing his congratulations to the county for its sustained state of tranquillity. He expressed his hope that this peaceful condition would endure for an extended period.

Judge Smith, known for his keen observations and impartial rulings, acknowledged the significance of the white gloves, recognizing that it was not merely a routine ceremony but a testament to the collective efforts of the community in maintaining law and order. He commended the residents of Limerick for their commitment to a peaceful coexistence, a sentiment echoed by the repeated presentation of this unique gift.

The history of presenting white gloves to judges traces back to a time when such ceremonies were a rare occurrence. In medieval England, it was customary to present white gloves to judges when no felonies had been committed in their jurisdictions during a specified period. The tradition symbolized the judge’s role in maintaining order and delivering justice effectively.

In the context of Limerick’s recent Quarter Sessions, the presentation of white gloves serves as a powerful reminder of the county’s commitment to lawfulness and order. Judge Smith, with his experience on the bench, emphasized the rarity of such events and expressed his delight in witnessing the continued adherence to societal norms within the West Division.

The community’s response to the judge’s words was one of pride and accomplishment. Local leaders and residents gathered at Rathkeale, reflecting on the significance of their collective efforts in creating a safe and secure environment. The absence of criminal trials was not just a stroke of good fortune but a reflection of the community’s dedication to maintaining a harmonious way of life.

As news of the Quarter Sessions and the presentation of white gloves spread throughout the county, it became a topic of conversation in local establishments, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility. Residents took pride in their contribution to the prevailing peace, seeing it as a testament to the strength of their community bonds.

The historical context of Limerick’s journey to this point cannot be overlooked. Like many regions, it has faced its share of challenges and trials. However, the collective determination to overcome adversities has shaped Limerick into a community that values lawfulness and order. The white gloves serve as a symbol not only of the present but also of the resilience and commitment that has defined the county’s history.

Judge Smith, in his closing remarks, expressed his optimism for the future. He encouraged the residents to continue their efforts in maintaining a peaceful environment and assured them that their commitment to justice and order would be a beacon for other regions facing similar challenges.

As the Quarter Sessions concluded, the symbolism of the white gloves lingered in the air, reminding all present that peace is not merely the absence of conflict but the result of a community’s unwavering dedication to upholding the principles of justice. Limerick, with its white gloves proudly displayed, stands as a testament to the power of unity, resilience, and a shared commitment to a peaceful coexistence.

Dublin Daily Express – Friday 17 April 1914

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