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Shocking Shooting Incident Unfolds in Rathkeale – Patrick Hogan in Custody After Double Attack |

Shocking Shooting Incident Unfolds in Rathkeale – Patrick Hogan in Custody After Double Attack

In a shocking turn of events, Rathkeale witnessed a violent altercation yesterday evening, resulting in the shooting of Michael O’Grady, a farmer, and Thomas Sheehy, a labourer. The alleged assailant, Patrick Hogan, surrendered himself to the police, initiating an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the dispute.

The incident unfolded in the Commons of Rathkeale, where a heated dispute erupted between Hogan and O’Grady over the ownership of a patch of rashes. What began as a verbal altercation quickly escalated, culminating in a tragic act of violence that left one man seriously injured and another with gunshot wounds.

Eyewitnesses reported that tempers flared as the argument intensified, leading Hogan to produce a single-barrel gun. In a shocking turn of events, Hogan allegedly aimed the firearm at O’Grady, firing at point-blank range. The consequences were severe, with approximately seventy pellets entering O’Grady’s head and arm.

As chaos ensued, Thomas Sheehy, employed by O’Grady, bravely intervened in an attempt to defuse the situation. Unfortunately, his intervention did not spare him from harm, as he too fell victim to the hail of pellets, although his injuries were reported as not being life-threatening.

Medical assistance promptly arrived at the scene, with Dr Hayes attending to the wounded O’Grady. Due to the severity of his injuries, O’Grady was swiftly transferred to the Union Hospital, where his condition remains critical. Dr Hayes, who treated both victims, described the injuries as significant, raising concerns about the potential long-term impact on their health.

The legal aftermath of this shocking incident began to unfold today, as Mr E. A. Whelan, J.T., took depositions from the injured O’Grady. Meanwhile, Head Constable Price, representing law enforcement, applied for the remand of Patrick Hogan. After a court hearing, Hogan was remanded into custody for eight days pending further investigations.

The gravity of the charges against Hogan was underscored by the prosecutor, emphasizing the need for a thorough examination of the circumstances leading to the shooting. Authorities are expected to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the events that transpired in the Commons of Rathkeale, shedding light on the motives behind this violent encounter.

The community of Rathkeale, known for its close-knit ties, is grappling with the shock of this unforeseen incident. Local residents, shaken by the violence that erupted in their midst, are anxiously awaiting updates on the condition of the victims and the unfolding legal proceedings.

The shooting has sparked conversations about the need for peaceful resolution of disputes and the potential consequences when conflicts escalate to violence. As the community comes to terms with the aftermath of this tragedy, there is a collective hope for healing and a renewed commitment to fostering understanding and harmony in Rathkeale and beyond.

Dublin Daily Express – Thursday 16 April 1914

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