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The quiet town of Glin in the County of Limerick bore witness to a sombre event on the 20th of April 1914, as Constable Kieran Gaffey succumbed to the relentless grip of double pneumonia at his residence on Church Street. This lamentable occurrence not only sent shockwaves through Glin but reverberated throughout the entire County of Limerick, where Constable Gaffey was held in high esteem by his comrades. His untimely demise left a void that was deeply felt, prompting an outpouring of sympathy for his grieving wife and three children.

The news of Constable Gaffey’s passing spread swiftly, leaving the community in mourning. The best medical aid had been sought during his illness, and the clergy attended to him diligently. Despite their efforts, the ravages of double pneumonia proved insurmountable, leading to the untimely departure of a man who had earned the respect and admiration of his peers. The bereaved family, consisting of his wife and three children, ranging from eight years to a mere one-year-old, now faced the challenge of navigating life without their patriarch.

The funeral rites for Constable Kieran Gaffey were conducted with solemnity and respect befitting his service to the community. A procession comprising police personnel from Glin, Loughhill, Shanagolden, Askeaton, Foynes, and Tarbert, under the command of F.J. Smyth, Esq., D.I. Rathkeale, accompanied the mortal remains. The mournful journey extended from the Parish Church to Foynes Railway Station, covering a distance of nine miles. The ultimate destination was the Enniskean Cemetery in County Cork, where Constable Gaffey found his final resting place on the 23rd of the preceding month.

The sheer magnitude of the procession testified to the profound regard and sympathy extended towards the bereaved family. The clergy officiating at the funeral were Archdeacon Roche, P.P., Glin, and Reverend J. Foley, C.C. The chief mourners included Mrs. Gaffey, the widow, along with Miss Mary Josephine Gaffey and Master Kieran Gaffey, the departed constable’s daughter and son, respectively. Miss A. Coakley, Constable Gaffey’s sister-in-law, and Messrs. John Gaffey and D. Coakley, his brother and brother-in-law, joined in the sorrowful procession. Other mourners present were Mrs. Doran, Mrs. Roche, Sergeant Butler, and Constables Collerin, Murray, Neary of Glin; Sergeant Roche of Tarbert; and Constables O’Leary of Loughgill and O’Driscoll of Rathkeale.

The grief that shrouded the occasion mirrored the profound impact Constable Kieran Gaffey had made on the community. His dedication to duty and the high regard in which he was held by both colleagues and townsfolk were evident in the vast assembly that paid their respects. As the cortège wound its way through the streets, a poignant silence enveloped the surroundings, underscoring the collective sorrow that accompanied Constable Gaffey on his final journey.

In commemorating Constable Kieran Gaffey’s life and service, the town of Glin and the wider County of Limerick pay homage to a dedicated public servant. His legacy lives on in the memories of those who knew him, and the sombre procession that bore witness to his final farewell stands as a testament to the impact of his untimely departure on the tight-knit community he served so faithfully.

Constabulary Gazette (Dublin) – Saturday 09 May 1914

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