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Limerick Ladies' Fête Triumphantly Supports Volunteer Force |

Limerick Ladies’ Fête Triumphantly Supports Volunteer Force

In a splendid demonstration of community spirit, the Limerick Ladies’ Fête unfolded its vibrant tapestry at the headquarters in the Markets. The event, inaugurated by the esteemed Mayor, not only captivated the hearts of the locals but also succeeded in raising substantial funds to bolster the Limerick Volunteer Force. The fête, a testament to the dedication of the women at the helm, witnessed a confluence of entertainment, music, and charitable fervour over two enchanting evenings.

The city of Limerick, bathed in the warm glow of community engagement, came alive as the Limerick Ladies’ Fête unfolded its gates to the public. The grand affair, aimed at supporting the Limerick Volunteer Force, commenced on a Thursday evening at the bustling Markets. The Mayor, a figure of prominence and leadership, inaugurated the event, marking the beginning of a remarkable celebration for a noble cause.

With an air of festivity, the Limerick Ladies’ Fete spanned two delightful evenings, culminating in a spectacle that showcased the admirable unity within the community. The ladies spearheading the event, whose dedication shone brightly, deserve commendation for orchestrating a memorable affair that not only entertained but also contributed significantly to the welfare of the Limerick Volunteer Force.

The opening night resonated with the melodies of two esteemed bands – St. Patrick’s Pipers and Boherbouy No. 1 National Brass and Reed Band. The vibrant tunes filled the air, creating an atmosphere of merriment that enveloped the gathered crowd. The subsequent night witnessed the enchanting performance of St. John’s Temperance Brass and Reed Band, further elevating the auditory experience for the attendees.

The inclusion of music, a universal language that transcends boundaries, added a layer of cultural richness to the fete. As the bands played their notes, the city of Limerick revelled in the joyous celebration, demonstrating a collective appreciation for the arts and a shared commitment to supporting the Limerick Volunteer Force.

The Limerick Ladies’ Fête went beyond musical extravagance, offering a diverse array of amusements that catered to the varied tastes of the attendees. A captivating café chantant, pulsating dance floors, and engaging shooting galleries were among the attractions that dotted the venue, ensuring there was something for everyone. The crowd, drawn in by the allure of these amusements, patronized the offerings with enthusiasm, contributing to the overall success of the fête.

The resounding success of the Limerick Ladies’ Fête was not merely confined to the realm of entertainment. Beneath the veneer of merrymaking lay a profound sense of purpose – to equip and support the Limerick Volunteer Force. The funds raised during the event were nothing short of substantial, a testament to the generosity and goodwill of the community.

As the Mayor declared the fête concluded, the tally of funds raised stood as a tangible symbol of the city’s commitment to its defenders. The financial support garnered from the Limerick Ladies’ Fete is set to play a crucial role in enhancing the capabilities of the Limerick Volunteer Force, ensuring they are adequately equipped to fulfil their noble duties.

With the echoes of the successful fête still resonating, there is contemplation of expanding the scale of such charitable endeavours in the future. The prospect of a larger, more comprehensive event is now under consideration, promising an even greater impact on the community and its valuable causes. The Limerick Ladies’ Fête, with its triumphs and joyful moments, lays the foundation for future initiatives that harness the collective strength and benevolence of the city of Limerick.

In the aftermath of the Limerick Ladies’ Fête, Limerick stands not only as a city with a rich cultural heritage but also as a community that rallies together for the greater good. The resounding success of this event serves as a beacon, guiding the way for future endeavours that embody the spirit of unity, compassion, and support within the heart of Limerick.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Saturday 04 July 1914

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