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In a resolute stand against objectionable publications, the Limerick Vigilance Committee convened on a recent Tuesday evening to discuss and address concerns raised by local newsagents. The committee, dedicated to upholding moral standards in the community, presented an update on their ongoing efforts to safeguard public morality through stringent measures.

The committee revealed that additional correspondence from local newsagents highlighted the sale of publications deemed inappropriate by the committee. To counter this, a set of proposed posters and cards has been entrusted to the printer, and they are set to be circulated expeditiously. This initiative aims to support and protect those newsagents who have steadfastly collabourated with the committee in refraining from stocking or selling questionable reading material.

In a notable decision, the committee decided that the list of compliant news vendors would only include those who had committed to not stocking or selling the contested publications. This move serves to publicly acknowledge and commend the newsagents who have actively participated in maintaining the community’s moral fabric.

Emphasizing their commitment to the cause, the committee explicitly stated that they would not tolerate any excuses or pretexts from newsagents for supplying these objectionable papers to specific individuals or institutions. This underscores their unwavering dedication to eradicating the circulation of morally questionable content within the city.

Beyond these deliberations, the committee also addressed various other matters during their meeting. They made arrangements to implement decisions taken on these issues promptly, demonstrating their proactive stance in upholding the values they champion.

The meeting also featured a report on the Dublin demonstration held the previous Sunday, organized by the Dublin Vigilance Committee. The Limerick committee had sent a delegate to the event, who provided insights into the accomplishments achieved in Limerick’s fight against objectionable publications. This connection between various vigilance committees across the country underscores the unity of purpose in their collective crusade against morally compromising content.

Meanwhile, at the Good Literature Barrow last Sunday, the lone victor was Mr Horan of St. John’s Villas. His recognition serves as a positive example of the community’s support for wholesome literature and reinforces the committee’s mission to promote good moral values through responsible reading choices.

The Limerick Vigilance Committee’s unwavering dedication to maintaining moral standards within the community is evident in their recent actions. With a focus on collabourative efforts with newsagents, the committee seeks to create a united front against objectionable publications. The ongoing initiatives, coupled with their active participation in nationwide movements, position Limerick at the forefront of the campaign for moral integrity in literature.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Saturday 20 June 1914

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