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Tragic Blaze Claims Four Lives in Limerick: Undertaker's Premises Consumed in Fiery Inferno |

Tragic Blaze Claims Four Lives in Limerick: Undertaker’s Premises Consumed in Fiery Inferno

Limerick, Ireland – In a devastating incident that unfolded in the early hours of this morning, a raging fire on the premises of a prominent local undertaker led to the loss of four lives, casting a sombre shadow over the city of Limerick. The victims included Mr John Griffin, a well-known funeral undertaker aged 72, Mr John Hall, 60, a visitor from Loughrea, and Mrs. Butler, 45, a visitor from Croom, Co. Limerick.

The inferno, a heart-wrenching tragedy, claimed the lives of these three individuals who succumbed to the flames as they ravaged through the three-storey building on Lower Gerald Griffin street. The fire unfolded with terrifying speed, leaving little room for escape for those unfortunate enough to be trapped within.

The list of those affected doesn’t end there. Maggie Reardon, a servant; Miss Enright, another visitor; J. Sheehan, a driver; Patrick Carmody, a clerk; and Mrs. Griffin, the wife of the establishment’s proprietor, found themselves caught in the throes of the merciless blaze. Mrs. Griffin, exhibiting immense courage, managed a daring escape by leaping from one of the windows in her nightdress, although not unscathed – she sustained a fractured leg and other serious injuries.

As the flames devoured the building, five individuals, through sheer luck or quick thinking, managed to escape through the back window, onto a lean-to roof and eventually into the yard. The fire brigade’s prompt response was commendable, but their efforts were hampered by the intense heat and the abundance of timber within the structure. Despite their valiant attempts, the building became an uncontrollable inferno, and the preservation of life became an insurmountable challenge.

The bodies of the deceased, dreadfully charred, have been recovered from the ruins of what was once Mr Griffin’s establishment. This tragic incident has left the city of Limerick in mourning, its residents grappling with the profound loss of lives in a close-knit community. The news has sent shockwaves throughout the region, prompting an outpouring of condolences for the grieving families.

The circumstances leading to the fire remain under investigation, and an inquest is expected to be conducted to shed light on the events that unfolded in the early morning hours. The loss of Mr Griffin, a respected member of the community, and the visiting individuals from Loughrea and Croom has left a void that will be challenging for the community to fill.

This isn’t the first time the undertaker’s premises faced a fire threat. Reports indicate that a fire broke out on the previous night but was promptly extinguished. However, the ferocity of the blaze reignited in the early morning hours, leading to the catastrophic loss of life and property.

The tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictability and ruthlessness of fires, leaving behind not just charred remnants of a building but also shattered lives and a community in grief. As Limerick comes to terms with this profound tragedy, questions linger about the factors that contributed to the second outbreak of the fire and the response mechanisms in place.

As the community mourns, it is a poignant moment for reflection on the vulnerability of life and the resilience needed to face unforeseen disasters. The flames may have extinguished the lives of these four individuals, but the memory of this tragic event will burn on in the hearts and minds of the people of Limerick for years to come.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Wednesday 10 June 1914

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