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GUN-RUNNING IN ULSTER - Concerns Arise in Limerick |

GUN-RUNNING IN ULSTER – Concerns Arise in Limerick

LIMERICK, IRELAND – On Saturday, disconcerting reports reached the city of Limerick regarding activities in Lower Ulster. It has been brought to light that during the week, a substantial quantity of firearms and ammunition had been clandestinely procured. The arms shipment reportedly arrived on board ships originating from New York and was distributed covertly to various locations in Lower Ulster.

This development has raised concerns and apprehensions among the residents of Limerick and beyond. The nature of the arms and the circumstances surrounding their acquisition have sparked unease and questions about their intended use. The situation is being closely monitored, and authorities are taking steps to address these worrisome developments.

The presence of arms in this context is a matter of significant concern, and it underscores the ongoing tensions and complexities in Ulster. Limerick, like the rest of Ireland, will be closely watching the unfolding events and hoping for a peaceful resolution to the challenges facing the region.

Freeman’s Journal – Monday 03 August 1914

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