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Volunteer Activity Ignites Enthusiasm in Limerick |

Volunteer Activity Ignites Enthusiasm in Limerick

LIMERICK, IRELAND – The local Volunteer force in the Limerick district has been a hive of activity during the past week, with nearly 3,000 men engaged in active training within the Parliamentary mobilization area. Their dedication and training bore fruit when a Limerick company competed in Killarney in section and company drills, emerging as victors in a competition that included formidable opponents like Cork, Dublin, and Tralee.

The news of their success ignited tremendous enthusiasm among the people of Limerick. Around 5,000 individuals, including some 500 Volunteers, gathered at the railway station to welcome the victorious company upon their expected arrival at 10:40 PM. However, there was a delay in the company’s arrival, and it wasn’t until the early hours of Thursday that they reached the city.

Despite the late hour, approximately 2,000 people remained at the railway terminus to greet the champions. A guard of honour was formed to welcome the winning company, and as they passed through the ranks, they were met with resounding cheers and applause. The company’s commander, Lieut. Holland, received a hero’s welcome as he was chaired through the enthusiastic crowd.

The Volunteers then formed a procession, marching through Davis Street and into O’Connell Street, where they came to a halt. Stirring speeches were delivered by Lieut. Holland and Mr James Dalton, and the morning air was filled with the strains of “A Nation Once Again.” Cheers erupted for the Dublin Volunteers, Mr Redmond, Mr James Leddon (President of the Limerick Corps), Lieut. Holland, and others who played a significant role in this remarkable achievement.

The event culminated with the Volunteers being formally dismissed, leaving behind a sense of pride and unity among the people of Limerick. The success of the Limerick company in Killarney has not only showcased their dedication but has also stirred the spirit of community and solidarity in the city.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Saturday 01 August 1914

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