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Askeaton Volunteers Rally in Support of Redmond's Leadership |

Askeaton Volunteers Rally in Support of Redmond’s Leadership

In a clear demonstration of unity and support within the Irish Volunteer movement, the Askeaton Volunteers in County Limerick have come forward to express their unwavering support for Mr John Redmond. At a recent gathering, chaired by Mr John Fitzgibbon, the group unanimously adopted a resolution to assure Mr Redmond of their “hearty cooperation” in his endeavours to reorganize the Volunteers.

This gesture from the Askeaton Volunteers underscores the deep respect and trust they place in Mr Redmond’s leadership, signalling a collective readiness to follow his guidance in shaping the future direction of the Volunteers. The resolution reflects the group’s commitment to the cause and their willingness to adapt and evolve in response to the changing dynamics of Ireland’s fight for independence.

P. Conway, serving as Secretary for the Askeaton Volunteers, emphasized the unity and determination of the group to support Mr Redmond’s strategic vision. This endorsement from the Askeaton Volunteers not only bolsters Mr Redmond’s position within the broader Irish nationalist movement but also highlights the importance of solidarity and cooperation among Volunteer contingents across Ireland.

The Askeaton Volunteers’ public declaration of support is a significant moment, illustrating the strength of grassroots backing for Mr Redmond’s policies and leadership. It serves as a reminder of the collective effort and shared purpose that drive the Irish Volunteer movement, reinforcing the resolve to work together towards the goal of Irish self-determination.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 10 October 1914

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