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Limerick Mobilises Support for Troops with Blanket Drive |

Limerick Mobilises Support for Troops with Blanket Drive

In a heart-warming display of community spirit and solidarity, Limerick residents have been called upon to support their troops braving the fronts with a crucial blanket drive. Spearheaded by Mrs. A.C. Vandermist of 6 Pery Square and Mrs. May Kennedy of 3 Pery Square, the initiative aims to provide much-needed warmth to soldiers as winter approaches.

Responding to widespread appeals in the media, the organizers have opened their doors to receive blankets from generous donors. With many households preparing for the colder months by sorting through their stores, the campaign encourages the donation of even a single blanket, emphasizing the significant difference such contributions can make.

The appeal touches on a universal understanding of the hardships faced by troops due to cold and insufficient clothing, highlighting the community’s role in alleviating their suffering. “Our men are out there fighting for us; it is our imperative duty and privilege to minimize their sufferings,” stated Mrs. Vandermist in a letter to the editor of the Daily Express.

This campaign not only aims to gather blankets but also to reinforce the bond between the home front and those in battle, reminding Limerick’s residents of the tangible ways they can contribute to the war effort. The call to action has resonated deeply within the community, with many already responding to the plea for warmth and comfort for their compatriots.

As contributions begin to arrive, the efforts of Mrs. Vandermist and Mrs. Kennedy symbolize the unwavering support and gratitude of the Limerick community towards their troops. This initiative serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of collective action and the importance of looking out for one another, especially during times of need.

As winter sets in, the blanket drive in Limerick stands as a beacon of hope and solidarity, ensuring that the soldiers who tirelessly fight for their country can also feel the warmth and care from home, no matter how far they are from the familiar streets of Limerick.

Dublin Daily Express – Wednesday 23 September 1914

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