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Limerick YMCA Extends a Warm Welcome to Troops with Supportive Facilities |

Limerick YMCA Extends a Warm Welcome to Troops with Supportive Facilities

In a commendable show of support and community spirit, the Limerick Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) has opened its doors wide to the troops stationed in the area, offering a comforting slice of normalcy and camaraderie amidst the rigours of military life. The YMCA’s generous provisions include access to its splendid premises and lecture hall, along with a variety of amenities designed to bring solace and relaxation to the servicemen.

Understanding the importance of staying connected, the YMCA has equipped these spaces with writing materials and newspapers, enabling the troops to communicate with loved ones and stay informed. Additionally, various recreational activities have been organized to ensure that the soldiers can unwind and enjoy their off-duty hours to the fullest.

The initiative has been significantly bolstered by the enthusiastic involvement of the Very Rev. T.P. Hackett, D.D., Dean of Limerick and Chaplain to the Forces. With the blessing of Bishop Dr Orpen, the Diocesan Hall has also been made available for the troops’ use, further expanding the range of facilities at their disposal. This gesture underscores the deep respect and gratitude the community holds for those in service.

Evenings at the YMCA are now a vibrant affair, with the reading room, writing materials, and refreshments available from 9:30 pm. The association has also organized concerts and other entertainment, creating a lively and supportive atmosphere that has been warmly received by the troops. This initiative has fostered a strong sense of brotherhood and mutual support, greatly appreciated by the servicemen who find a comforting respite within the YMCA’s welcoming walls.

The efforts of the Limerick YMCA and the involvement of the local clergy in this noble cause reflect the community’s collective commitment to supporting its troops. This initiative not only offers practical support but also serves as a powerful testament to the strength of community bonds and the enduring spirit of hospitality for which Limerick is renowned.

Dublin Daily Express – Wednesday 28 October 1914

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