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"Lord Dunraven's Stirring Call: Revive the Spirit of the 'Wild Geese' for an Irish Division in World War Effort" |

“Lord Dunraven’s Stirring Call: Revive the Spirit of the ‘Wild Geese’ for an Irish Division in World War Effort”

In a compelling call to arms, Lord Dunraven has tapped into the deep wells of Irish history and patriotism, urging his compatriots to form an Irish Division for the World War with the same fervour and dedication that characterized the legendary “Wild Geese.” These were Irish soldiers who, driven by loyalty to their king and the dictates of their conscience, left their homeland after the Treaty of Limerick to serve in the French military, forming the renowned Irish Brigade.

Lord Dunraven’s appeal is not just a recruitment effort; it is a call to remember and honour Ireland’s storied martial legacy. By invoking the “Wild Geese,” he reminds the Irish people of their ancestors’ bravery and sacrifices in foreign lands, fighting for principles they held dear. This historical parallel serves as a powerful motivator for contemporary Irishmen to demonstrate similar valour and commitment in the face of the current global conflict.

The formation of an Irish Division, as envisioned by Lord Dunraven, is seen as an opportunity for Ireland to once again showcase its fighting spirit on the international stage. It’s a chance to rekindle the glory of the Irish Brigade, known for its gallant contributions to European battles, and to stand united against the common enemy that threatens peace and stability today.

Lord Dunraven’s passionate plea is a testament to the enduring spirit of the Irish people, a call to arms that resonates with historical pride and the promise of heroism in the service of a righteous cause. It is a reminder that the valour of the Irish soldiers, past and present, is a beacon of courage and unity in times of great peril.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Tuesday 06 October 1914

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