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KILTEELY, Co. Limerick – In a spirited address to the people of Limerick, Mr Lundon, Member of Parliament, rallied a crowd of enthusiastic supporters yesterday, as they gathered to celebrate the historic triumph of a nation’s freedom. The occasion was marked by the passage of the Home Rule Bill, an event of immense significance for Ireland. The bill, once enshrined on the Statute Book, was declared by Mr Lundon to be irrevocable, ushering in an era of self-governance that would shape the future destiny of the Emerald Isle.

With fervour in his voice, Mr Lundon emphasized the importance of safeguarding this hard-fought victory. He warned against certain societies and individuals who sought to undermine the newfound autonomy by disseminating millions of pamphlets throughout England, rallying against the principles of Home Rule. To those who dared to bring their divisive doctrines to Ireland’s shores, Mr Lundon delivered a resolute message: they would be treated as enemies of Irish liberty.

Addressing the ongoing global conflict, Mr Lundon passionately articulated the intertwined interests of Ireland and England. He asserted that Ireland’s fate was inexorably linked to that of its larger neighbour. If England were to falter in the face of the accursed dictatorship of the Kaiser, Ireland would undoubtedly suffer even greater adversity.

“The Irish people,” declared Mr Lundon, “will not support the accursed dictatorship of the Kaiser.” His words echoed through the picturesque landscape of Limerick, resonating with the crowd’s ardent support for the Allied cause.

As the world teetered on the brink of unprecedented change, the people of Limerick, and indeed all of Ireland, were galvanized by Mr Lundon’s stirring address. With the Home Rule Bill now a reality, their nation stood on the cusp of a new era, poised to take its place in the annals of history as a self-governing land, free from the shadows of foreign rule.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 21 September 1914

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