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Limerick Officer Achieves General Rank |

Limerick Officer Achieves General Rank

In a remarkable testament to both personal bravery and a storied family tradition of military service, Major-General E. Kiggell has been promoted to the rank of general, following distinguished conduct in recent operations. This promotion not only highlights Kiggell’s exemplary performance in the field but also underscores the significant contributions of the Luna family to the armed forces.

Kiggell, originating from Limerick, now stands among the youngest generals in the service, a testament to his exceptional leadership and combat prowess. His ascent through the ranks is particularly noteworthy, given his lineage as the son of the late Major Kiggell of Caharaglin, marking him as a scion of a family deeply rooted in military tradition.

The Kiggell family’s military heritage is extensive and distinguished. Kiggell’s second son, Lieutenant John Kiggell of the Royal Engineers, recently survived a perilous engagement when his horse was shot from under him. This incident underscores the risks and sacrifices associated with military service, reflecting the bravery inherent in the Kiggell family.

Further illustrating the family’s commitment to military service, a nephew of General Kiggell is currently serving in the Royal Engineers, continuing the legacy of valour and dedication. Additionally, Kiggell brother-in-law, Lieutenant Colonel Kiggell, is a prominent member of the staff in Dublin, and another brother-in-law, Captain W.H. Kiggell of Caharaglin, formerly of the King’s Dragoon Guards, has a distinguished record in the first Boer War. Captain Kiggell has also significantly contributed to the community by aligning himself with the Glin National Volunteers, showcasing the family’s involvement in both military and civic endeavours.

This promotion of Major Kiggell to general is not merely a personal achievement but a moment of pride for the entire Kiggell family and their storied history of military service. It reflects the enduring spirit of dedication to country and valour in the face of adversity that characterizes the Kiggell lineage. As General Kiggell assumes his new responsibilities, he carries forward a legacy of courage and leadership that has been a hallmark of his family for generations.

The community of Limerick, and indeed the nation, watches with pride as one of their own rises to such a prestigious rank in the military. General Kiggell’s promotion is a beacon of inspiration for current and future soldiers, embodying the ideals of bravery, service, and commitment that define the armed forces. As the Kiggell family continues to serve with distinction, their story remains a compelling narrative of sacrifice, leadership, and unwavering dedication to duty.

Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 07 November 1914

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