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Irish Leader to Visit Limerick for Historic Volunteer Review |

Irish Leader to Visit Limerick for Historic Volunteer Review

Limerick, Friday – The Committee of the Limerick City Regiment of the Irish National Volunteers has announced a significant event, a Volunteer review and demonstration, to be held in the city. Mr K. Redmond, MP.., the Irish leader, has graciously consented to attend and address what promises to be one of the most historic gatherings witnessed in Limerick since the inception of constitutional agitation.

Colonel Moore, in addition, has confirmed his presence, adding to the prominence of the occasion. Several distinguished members of Parliament and clergy are also expected to participate. Invitations have been extended to every Volunteer and public body in this and neighbouring counties, aiming to ensure widespread cooperation in making the review and demonstration a resounding success.

The Organising Committee is sparing no effort to ensure that this event becomes a landmark in the annals of Nationalist gatherings in Munster. Every detail is being meticulously planned to guarantee that the occasion will be remembered as a red-letter day.

The decision of Mr Redmond to participate underscores the significance of the event within the context of Ireland’s ongoing constitutional struggle. His address is anticipated to resonate deeply with attendees, offering insights and inspiration for the future of the Nationalist movement.

The presence of Colonel Moore, alongside other notable figures, further elevates the stature of the gathering, symbolising unity and strength within the Volunteer movement.

With invitations extended far and wide, the organisers are optimistic about the level of participation, expecting a diverse and enthusiastic turnout. The collabouration of Volunteers and public bodies from across the region reflects a shared commitment to the cause and a determination to make a meaningful impact.

As preparations continue apace, anticipation is building for what promises to be a momentous occasion in the history of Limerick and the wider Nationalist movement. All eyes will be on the city as it hosts this historic Volunteer review and demonstration, poised to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of Irish politics.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 21 November 1914

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