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Limerick Sees Rise in Tea, Coffee, and Cocoa Consumption as Alcohol Sales Decline in 1914 |

Limerick Sees Rise in Tea, Coffee, and Cocoa Consumption as Alcohol Sales Decline in 1914

Limerick is witnessing a notable change in consumer habits this year, with a significant increase in the consumption of tea, coffee, and cocoa, contrasted by a decline in alcohol sales. This shift in preferences has been met with enthusiasm by local total abstinence movements, who view it as a positive development in promoting temperance within the community.

The growing popularity of tea, coffee, and cocoa in Limerick can be attributed to a variety of factors, including evolving societal norms, a heightened awareness of health considerations, and changing tastes among residents. With concerns over the negative effects of alcohol consumption becoming more pronounced, many Limerick residents are turning to non-alcoholic alternatives for their beverage choices.

Among these alternatives, tea has emerged as a particularly favoured option, valued for its comforting qualities and stimulating effects. Similarly, coffee and cocoa have also seen increased consumption, offering residents a warm and satisfying drink without the intoxicating effects associated with alcohol.

Conversely, sales of alcoholic beverages in Limerick have experienced a decline, reflecting a broader trend towards moderation and sobriety within the community. This reduction in alcohol consumption has been welcomed by local total abstinence movements, which advocate for abstaining from alcoholic drinks altogether.

The shift towards tea, coffee, and cocoa aligns with the goals of total abstinence movements in Limerick, which seek to promote healthier lifestyles and mitigate the social harms associated with excessive alcohol consumption. By embracing non-alcoholic alternatives, residents are not only making positive choices for their own well-being but also contributing to the creation of a safer and more responsible community.

As this trend continues to gain momentum in Limerick, it is expected to have a lasting impact on consumer behaviour and the local beverage industry. Manufacturers and retailers are responding to the increased demand for tea, coffee, and cocoa by expanding their product offerings and emphasising the virtues of these beverages within the local market.

In summary, the rise in tea, coffee, and cocoa consumption, coupled with the decline in alcohol sales, reflects a broader cultural shift towards moderation and wellness within the Limerick community. This trend is embraced by local total abstinence movements, who see it as a positive step towards fostering healthier and more temperate lifestyles among residents.

Dublin Leader – Saturday 19 December 1914

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