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"Massive Welcome for John Redmond as Volunteers Parade in Limerick" |

“Massive Welcome for John Redmond as Volunteers Parade in Limerick”

In an extraordinary display of support, Limerick witnessed a monumental gathering today as the review of the Ziegler Volunteers unfolded, marking one of the most enthusiastic receptions for Mr John Redmond in any part of Ireland. The sheer magnitude of the crowd, its fervour, and the impeccable order and discipline exhibited, underscored the unwavering confidence the people of Munster have in the Nationalist cause.

Representatives from every principal town in Munster were in attendance, reflecting the widespread solidarity with Redmond’s leadership. Despite initial concerns about the weather, the day unfolded pleasantly, adding to the overall jubilant atmosphere.

Prior to the review at the iconic Mount St. Alphonsus, Mr Redmond was presented with addresses from various public bodies including the Limerick County Council, Board of Guardians, and Municipal District Council. Accompanied by Mrs. Redmond, he was warmly welcomed by the city’s residents, with volunteers lining the streets to salute the esteemed leader as he made his way to the parade ground.

The event showcased not only the strength of support for Redmond but also the unity and determination of the Nationalist movement in Munster. As the region asserts its position of triumph in the struggle for Home Rule, the resounding message from today’s parade is one of unwavering commitment to the cause and belief in Redmond’s leadership.

Freeman’s Journal – Monday 21 December 1914

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