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United Irish League Advances in Limerick | Limerick Gazette Archives

United Irish League Advances in Limerick

In a significant development within County Limerick, the Stonehall branch of the United Irish League held its annual meeting, underlining a strong commitment to the movement’s objectives. The gathering, chaired by Mr Thomas McDonagh, showcased a robust turnout from the local community, reflecting a unified determination to sustain and promote the league’s presence in the area.

Mr McDonagh expressed his pleasure at witnessing such a large and representative assembly, which he interpreted as a testament to the members’ resolve to maintain an active branch of the United Irish League in their parish. This enthusiasm is seen as a critical component of the broader movement towards Home Rule, illustrating grassroots support that spans across Ireland.

The progress of the Stonehall branch over the past year was a primary focus, with Mr McDonagh lauding the achievements made. Remarkably, for a parish of its size, the branch successfully contributed £23 to the Home Rule Fund, a figure that stands as a testament to the community’s commitment and financial support towards the cause. This achievement was highlighted as particularly commendable, given the branch’s local scale and resources.

Additionally, Mr McDonagh remarked on the success of a recent public meeting in Stonehall, which was addressed by notable figures such as Messrs. P.J. O’Shaughnessy, MP.., and D.J. Madden of Rathkeale. The event’s impact was underscored, reflecting the importance of such gatherings in galvanising support and fostering a deeper understanding of the Home Rule movement among the populace.

Following the reflections on past successes, the assembly proceeded to re-elect its chairman and other officers, ensuring continuity in leadership and strategic direction. A pivotal decision was made to affiliate the branch more closely with the national organisation, a move driven by the belief in the United Irish League’s critical role at this juncture in Ireland’s history. This decision underscores a strategic alignment with the broader objectives of the movement, particularly concerning land purchase and the distribution of untenanted lands.

These issues, central to the league’s agenda, are of paramount importance in Stonehall and beyond, reflecting a national struggle for land reform and greater autonomy. The emphasis on land purchase and the fair distribution of untenanted lands resonates deeply within rural communities, where access to land is not only a matter of economic survival but also of cultural identity and political autonomy.

As the United Irish League continues to mobilise support across Ireland, the activities of branches like Stonehall’s embody the grassroots enthusiasm that fuels the movement. The annual meeting in Co. Limerick not only celebrated the achievements of the past year but also set the stage for continued efforts towards realising the vision of Home Rule. With renewed leadership and a clear focus on critical issues, the Stonehall branch is poised to contribute significantly to the league’s overarching goals, reinforcing the importance of unity and collective action in the quest for Irish self-governance.

In conclusion, the Stonehall branch’s annual meeting signifies a moment of reflection, celebration, and strategic planning for the future. The United Irish League, with its network of committed branches and supporters, remains a pivotal force in Ireland’s political landscape, driving forward the agenda for Home Rule and land reform. As the movement grows, the contributions of local communities like those in Co. Limerick will undoubtedly play a critical role in shaping Ireland’s path towards greater autonomy and justice.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 23 January 1915