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Fatal Shooting Incident Claims Life of National Volunteer |

Fatal Shooting Incident Claims Life of National Volunteer

A tragic incident unfolded as Waterford mourns the loss of William Hartrey, a devoted member of the National Volunteers, who succumbed to a bullet wound sustained during a fateful journey. The inquest, held at the County and City Infirmary, shed light on the circumstances surrounding his untimely demise.

Hartrey, aged 61, was admitted to the infirmary on December 21st, after suffering a gunshot wound to the soft tissue of his thigh. The incident occurred while the Waterford National Volunteers were en route to Limerick for a scheduled demonstration. During the journey, one of the volunteers inadvertently mishandled ammunition, leading to a fatal outcome.

Reports indicate that amidst the travel preparations, a cartridge was mistakenly loaded into a Martini-Henry rifle by a fellow volunteer, John Lanigan. Tragically, as Lanigan attempted to manipulate the firearm, it discharged unexpectedly, with the bullet piercing Hartrey’s thigh.

Despite receiving prompt medical attention upon reaching Limerick, Hartrey’s condition worsened. He returned to Waterford the same evening but was readmitted to the infirmary the following day. Dr J. J. Hogan’s assessment confirmed that Hartrey’s demise was a result of blood poisoning stemming from the gunshot wound.

The jury’s verdict of accidental death underscores the unforeseen nature of the tragedy. In the aftermath, John Lanigan, the individual handling the rifle at the time of the incident, has been detained pending further investigation.

The loss of William Hartrey reverberates deeply within the community, highlighting the risks inherent in handling firearms and the profound impact of such accidents. As Waterford grieves the passing of a dedicated volunteer, the incident serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of vigilance and caution in all endeavours involving weaponry.

Dublin Daily Express – Tuesday 02 February 1915

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