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Limerick Locals Rally for Irish Unity: C.I.G. Branch Reorganisation Meeting |

Limerick Locals Rally for Irish Unity: C.I.G. Branch Reorganisation Meeting

In the bustling town of Croagh, a fervent assembly of Co. Limerick residents convened for a pivotal public meeting aimed at revitalizing the local C.I.G. Branch. Led by Mr D. J. Madden, D.C., National Director, the gathering resonated with impassioned pleas for unity and solidarity within the Irish community.

Under the resolute chairmanship of Mr Patrick O’Malley, attendees were galvanized by Mr Madden’s stirring address, which underscored the critical importance of cohesion, collabouration, and unwavering loyalty to the Irish cause. Amidst the backdrop of unprecedented national turmoil, Mr Madden emphasized the imperative for every Irish citizen to align with the broader collective interests of the nation.

Amidst thunderous applause, Mr Madden articulated a poignant reflection on the historical significance of the Home Rule Act, portraying it as a monumental triumph long yearned for by generations past. He lauded the relentless efforts of political pioneers, from Butt to Redmond, in championing the cause of Irish autonomy within the corridors of power.

With fervour, Mr Madden urged the assembly to fortify their local branches, echoing the sentiment that a robust and vigilant C.I.G. and National Volunteers were essential bulwarks against external threats to Irish sovereignty. He envisaged a future where Irish resilience and preparedness would thwart any challenge to their aspirations, whether in legislative chambers or on the battlefield.

Foreseeing a landscape fraught with challenges, Mr Madden delineated a roadmap for the C.I.G. and National Volunteers, advocating for a grassroots resurgence that would mirror the zeal of their predecessors. From the reclamation of land rights to the empowerment of labourers, the agenda was set to address the multifaceted concerns of the Irish populace.

As the meeting drew to a close, Mr Madden’s rallying cry reverberated through the hearts of those present, inspiring a renewed sense of purpose and determination. In the ensuing election, a cadre of committed officers was chosen to steer the course for the year ahead, with Mr Pat O’Malley assuming the mantle of presidency, supported by a dedicated ensemble of leaders.

In the annals of Co. Limerick’s history, this gathering stood as a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Irish people, united in their quest for self-determination and collective prosperity. As they departed Omagh’s hallowed halls, they carried with them the echoes of Mr Madden’s impassioned plea—a clarion call for solidarity, resilience, and unwavering resolve in the face of adversity.

With the C.I.G. Branch reinvigorated and the National Volunteers poised for action, the winds of change swept across Co. Limerick, heralding a new chapter in the timeless saga of Irish resilience and determination.

Freeman’s Journal – Friday 05 February 1915

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