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Lively Recruiting in Limerick: National Volunteers Swell in Numbers |

Lively Recruiting in Limerick: National Volunteers Swell in Numbers

In a spirited recruitment drive in Limerick, the ranks of the National Volunteers have swelled significantly in recent months. According to reports from a local correspondent, enthusiasm for joining the cause has surged, with an influx of new recruits flocking to enlist.

The Limerick correspondent reveals that a remarkable number of individuals, estimated to be more than half of the 850 men who have enlisted at the Strand Barracks in Limerick since the outbreak of war, proudly belong to the Limerick Regiment of the National Volunteers.

The surge in recruitment reflects a deep-seated commitment among the local populace to actively support the National Volunteers and their cause. As the nation grapples with the challenges of wartime, the dedication, and resolve of these new recruits serve as a testament to the resilience and unity of the Limerick community.

With their numbers steadily growing, the National Volunteers in Limerick stand poised and ready to contribute to the defence and well-being of their country. As they march forward with vigor and determination, their presence symbolizes the unwavering spirit of solidarity and patriotism that prevails in Limerick during these challenging times.

Freeman’s Journal – Wednesday 03 February 1915

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