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Passing of Revered Priest Canon Scully Mourned in Limerick |

Passing of Revered Priest Canon Scully Mourned in Limerick

The community of Co. Limerick mourns the loss of Reverend A.F. Canon Scully, V.P., V.F., whose passing occurred at Hospital, Co. Limerick, on Tuesday. Canon Scully was widely respected and beloved, not only in Limerick County but also in various parts of the South of Ireland.

As a priest, Canon Scully provided solace and support to those who sought his guidance, earning a reputation as a compassionate and dedicated spiritual leader. Beyond his clerical duties, he endeared himself to many with his warm demeanour and kindness, cultivating numerous genuine friendships throughout his lifetime.

The funeral service to honour Canon Scully’s life and legacy will be held at Hospital, Co. Limerick tomorrow, providing an opportunity for the community to come together in remembrance and tribute to a remarkable individual who touched the lives of so many.

Freeman’s Journal – Monday 01 February 1915

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