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War Disrupts Dublin's Provisions: Bacon Prices Remain Stable Amidst Uncertainty |

War Disrupts Dublin’s Provisions: Bacon Prices Remain Stable Amidst Uncertainty

Dublin is grappling with a shortage of breakfast staples like bacon, eggs, and butter as war prices for provisions fluctuate. Despite concerns about scarcity, the price of bacon, particularly from Limerick and Danish sources, has remained relatively stable, ranging from 10d to 1s 2d per pound. This stability is attributed to ongoing supplies from America and Canada, ensuring a steady flow of essential goods into the city.

While Danish butter dominates the market at 1s 6d per pound, home-produced butter from regions like Cork and the North of Ireland offers a slightly cheaper alternative at around 1s 2d per pound. The Department of Agriculture’s experimentation with winter dairying aims to bolster domestic production, but Danish imports still hold sway, especially during peak demand periods from November to February.

However, there is a growing sentiment in Manchester favoring colonial butter over Danish imports due to patriotic sentiment. New Zealand butter, though historically priced lower than Danish butter, faces challenges in maintaining market share despite its lower production costs.

Amidst these market dynamics, the price of eggs remains steady, offering some relief to consumers. While sugar prices have increased, concerns linger about the quality of government-subsidized sugar imports and their suitability for household consumption.

Irish railway companies have also announced increased rates for merchandise traffic between Dublin and various ports, reflecting the broader economic impacts of the war on transportation costs.

Despite these challenges, Dublin’s bakeries have yet to announce price hikes for flour, offering a glimmer of stability amidst the prevailing uncertainty. As the city navigates these disruptions, the resilience of its food supply chain remains a critical concern, with hopes pinned on continued government interventions and international trade relationships to sustain essential provisions during wartime.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 01 February 1915

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