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Limerick City Aid League: A Beacon of Support |

Limerick City Aid League: A Beacon of Support

In the heart of the British Isles, amidst the quaint streets and historic charm of Limerick City, there exists an organization that embodies the true spirit of community and compassion: The Limerick City and County United Aid League. Founded and led by the indefatigable Mrs. O’Grady of Kilballyowen, with the able assistance of Mrs. Martin White as the Honorary Secretary of the Central Branch, this league has become a beacon of support for those in need, particularly the families of soldiers and sailors serving their country.

Since its inception, the league has tirelessly worked to alleviate the hardships faced by the families of servicemen and women. With a network of dedicated volunteers and subcommittees, they have undertaken the noble task of collecting essential items such as clothes and provisions for the local branch of the Soldiers and Sailors’ Families Association. Their efforts are not confined to a single cause; the league also collabourates closely with the Limerick Branch of the Red Cross Society, demonstrating their commitment to serving the broader community in times of need.

At the heart of their operations is a dedicated working party led by Mrs. T. Goodbody, the Honorary Secretary, tasked with assembling a stockpile of clothing for wounded soldiers recuperating in local hospitals. This initiative underscores the league’s commitment to providing tangible support to those who have made sacrifices in the service of their country. Each city ward is meticulously managed by an Honorary Secretary, with the Abbey and Castle Ward benefiting from the exemplary leadership of Mrs. O’Grady Delaney, a stalwart champion of war work since the league’s inception.

Financially, the league has also demonstrated remarkable stewardship, with accounts up to December showing a commendable credit balance of £1,400 against an expenditure of nearly £1,000. Much of this success can be attributed to the tireless efforts of Mrs. Martin White, who not only fulfils her duties as the Honorary Secretary of the Central Branch but also spearheads fundraising initiatives with remarkable zeal. Her musical talents, showcased through enchanting singing and captivating dancing at league-sponsored events, have proven to be a significant drawcard, attracting supporters and patrons alike.

The league’s impact extends far beyond the balance sheets and financial statements. It is a testament to the resilience and generosity of the people of Limerick, who have rallied together in solidarity to support their fellow citizens during times of adversity. The sense of camaraderie and shared purpose that permeates the league’s activities serves as a source of inspiration for communities far and wide, demonstrating the profound difference that can be made when individuals come together for a common cause.

As the world grapples with the challenges of war and uncertainty, organizations like the Limerick City and County United Aid League stand as a shining example of humanity’s capacity for kindness and compassion. Through their selfless actions and unwavering dedication, they offer a glimmer of hope in even the darkest of times, reminding us all that, in the words of the beloved poetic form from which their city takes its name, there is always room for laughter, camaraderie, and acts of kindness.

Lady of the House – Monday 15 February 1915

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