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Limerick Community Unites to Build Catholic Club for Frontline Soldiers |

Limerick Community Unites to Build Catholic Club for Frontline Soldiers

In the quaint town of Ms. M O’Reilly, nestled in the heart of Ballycullen, Co. Limerick, tell us a noble endeavour is underway to support soldiers on the frontlines. Inspired by a directive from a priest serving amidst the chaos of war, the community rallies to establish a haven for soldiers seeking solace in their faith. Spearheaded by Mrs. Hamilton Berne, whose husband bravely fell while leading the Irish Guards, the initiative aims to erect a Catholic Club to cater to the spiritual needs of servicemen.

With a daunting sum of £401 required for the project, private donors have already generously contributed a portion. The remaining funds are sought through public subscriptions, with contributions directed to the capable hands of Ms. O’Reilly, the appointed custodian of the noble cause.

The catalyst for this noble endeavour stems from the experiences of the priest at the frontlines. Amidst the turmoil of battle, he was approached by a Church of England chaplain, beseeching assistance in hearing the confessions of a hundred soldiers. Undeterred by denominational differences, a non-Catholic sergeant-major played a pivotal role in overcoming logistical hurdles to facilitate the sacred act of confession.

This heart-warming tale underscores the unity and compassion transcending religious divides, as individuals from diverse backgrounds unite in a common cause. It exemplifies the spirit of camaraderie and support that flourishes amidst adversity, epitomizing the resilience of the human spirit.

Irish Independent – Tuesday 09 February 1915

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