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"Limerick Libel Dispute Resolved in Court Settlement" |

“Limerick Libel Dispute Resolved in Court Settlement”

In a courtroom drama unfolding in the Kings Bench Division yesterday, Mr Justice Molony presided over a case pitting Mr J. Chew against the Limerick Steamship Company as defendants. Represented by Mr Corbett, instructed by J. U. Moran and Ben, the plaintiff sought resolution in a libel dispute.

The proceedings took a pivotal turn when Mr Corbett moved to terminate the action, a motion swiftly conceived and granted by the court. Initially slated for trial in Limerick, the case found its way to the High Court, accompanied by a deposit from the plaintiff to cover security costs.

The ensuing settlement arrangement dictated the cessation of the action, with the defendants’ costs, spanning until February 1st, inclusive of legal briefs, counsel fees, and administrative expenses, to be reimbursed from the £46 lodged in court. Mr Justice Molony sanctioned the settlement terms, formally ratifying the agreement as an official court order.

This resolution marks the conclusion of a legal saga that traversed the intricacies of libel law, offering a glimpse into the complexities of defamation disputes in the modern legal landscape.

In the midst of legal manoeuvring and procedural intricacies, the essence of justice prevailed, providing closure for both parties involved in this limerick libel affair.

The settlement of a limerick libel dispute in the courtroom captures the essence of legal drama, showcasing the intricacies of defamation law.

Dublin Daily Express – Thursday 11 February 1915

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