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Settlement Reached in Limerick Libel Case |

Settlement Reached in Limerick Libel Case

Today, in the King’s Pencil Division, Mr Justice Molony oversaw the resolution of the case of J. Carewv. Limerick Steamship Company. Mr Corbett, instructed by Messrs. J. H. Moran and Son, applied to have the termination of this matter received and made a rule of Court. The case was initially brought for libel, with an order previously made to remit it for WAI (Wrangling and Investigations) by the County Court Judge of Limerick. However, to keep the case within the High Court jurisdiction, the plaintiff had deposited a sum of £3,000 for costs.

The settlement agreement stipulated that the action should be promptly terminated. Additionally, it dictated that the costs incurred by the defendant company, up to the 1st of February, encompassing expenses like the preparation of legal briefs and the discovery of documents, should be covered from the funds lodged in court.

Mr Justice Molony received the consent of both parties and formally made it a rule of Court, thereby bringing an end to the legal dispute.

This settlement marks a significant step in resolving the contentious issue of libel between the parties involved. It underscores the effectiveness of legal mechanisms in reaching equitable resolutions and ensuring justice for all parties concerned.

The agreement not only brings closure to the specific case at hand but also highlights the importance of legal procedures in maintaining fairness and accountability within the justice system. It sets a precedent for future disputes, demonstrating the viability of amicable settlements even in complex legal matters.

The diligent efforts of legal representatives and the cooperation of both parties have contributed to the successful resolution of this case. Their commitment to pursuing a fair and just outcome has resulted in a mutually beneficial agreement that upholds the principles of justice and equity.

In conclusion, the settlement reached in the Limerick libel case exemplifies the efficacy of legal procedures in resolving disputes and achieving closure for all parties involved. It reinforces the importance of adherence to legal protocols in ensuring fairness and accountability within the justice system.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Wednesday 10 February 1915

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