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"Limerick Celebrates Marked Decrease in Crime at Assizes Opening: A New Era of Peace and Legal Order Emerges" |

“Limerick Celebrates Marked Decrease in Crime at Assizes Opening: A New Era of Peace and Legal Order Emerges”

In a significant development during the opening of the Limerick Assizes yesterday, Mr Justice Kenny extended his congratulations to the County Jury for a notable decrease in criminal activities within the region. The Assizes, a series of legal proceedings critical to the maintenance of law and order in Limerick, highlighted an encouraging trend towards peace and legality in the county.

The proceedings unveiled that only five cases, deemed unimportant, were set for trial, underscoring a broader positive shift in the county’s general state of lawfulness. This improvement is particularly noteworthy in the realm of criminal intimidation, with threatening letters—a form of crime that had previously caused considerable concern among the local population—seeing a substantial decline. Remarkably, only one case related to this form of intimidation was recorded last year, signalling a significant achievement in the efforts to foster a safer community environment.

Additionally, the number of individuals requiring police protection has decreased, indicating a reduction in threats to personal safety and security. This decline is a testament to the effectiveness of the measures implemented by local law enforcement and the judiciary in combating crime and ensuring the well-being of the community.

The absence of boycotting activities and a reduction in instances of drunkenness were also highlighted, further illustrating the strides Limerick has made towards establishing a more peaceful and orderly society. These developments not only reflect positively on the community’s adherence to the law but also contribute to a more harmonious living environment for all residents.

Chief Baron Palles, addressing the City Grand Jury, echoed Mr Justice Kenny’s sentiments, congratulating the jurors on the peaceful condition of the borough. This acknowledgment from such a high-ranking official underscores the significance of the positive trends observed in Limerick, highlighting the collective efforts of the judiciary, law enforcement, and the community at large in promoting law and order.

The commendations from Mr Justice Kenny and Chief Baron Palles not only celebrate the current state of peace and legality in Limerick but also serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of community cooperation, effective law enforcement, and judicial oversight in maintaining social order. As Limerick continues to make progress in these areas, it sets a commendable example for other regions grappling with similar challenges.

This moment serves as a pivotal point for Limerick, marking a period of transformation where decreased criminality and enhanced community safety become defining characteristics of the county. The positive outcomes reported at the Limerick Assizes reflect a broader trend towards stability and peace, promising a brighter future for all residents of the region. As Limerick continues on this path of improvement, the foundations laid by such achievements will undoubtedly contribute to the enduring strength and harmony of the community.

Dublin Daily Express – Saturday 06 March 1915

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