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Redemption Value Set for Limerick Lands in Jane Geary's Estate |

Redemption Value Set for Limerick Lands in Jane Geary’s Estate

In a recent legal proceeding overseen by Mr Justice Wylie, a significant development regarding the sale of lands in Limerick, part of the estate of Jane Geary, has taken place. The lands, located in Highmount, County Limerick, were the subject of an application made on behalf of the vendor concerning two superior interests affecting the property.

The intricate history of the land, dating back to the 19th century, involves several transactions and grants. An indenture from April 1871 saw the conveyance of 568 acres of land and 50 acres of bog by the Rev. John Robert Seymour and another party to Sydney Jenkins Furlong and another. Subsequent transactions further complicated the ownership structure, with various parties holding superior interests in the land.

The recent application before Mr Justice Wylie sought to address the redemption value concerning rents owed on the property. This included a sum of £36 17s to S. A. Furlong and another party and a separate rent of 12s 8d payable to Sir John Seymour and others. The application aimed to apportion these rents between the lands being sold and those remaining unsold, as well as to determine the redemption value for the former.

Following deliberation, Mr Justice Wylie made crucial decisions regarding the redemption values. He fixed the redemption of the middle rent at a period of 24 years, based on an agreement between the involved parties. Additionally, he apportioned £34 12s 9d as the proportion applicable to the lands being sold, addressing the main rent.

Representatives for the parties involved presented arguments regarding the redemption value. Mr J. A. Ronayne, acting for the vendor, suggested that the purchase price already agreed upon might suffice, considering the current financial landscape. Conversely, Mr Aidan Cox, representing the holders of the superior rent, requested a longer period for redemption.

Mr Justice Wylie, in his ruling, considered both perspectives and set the redemption value at £890, taking into account the circumstances and agreements reached by the parties involved.

Mr E. D. Hunt, acting as solicitor for Miss S. Helen Furlong, was also present during the proceedings.

The sale of these Limerick lands, intertwined with historical grants and intricate legal considerations, underscores the complexities often involved in property transactions. With the redemption value now set, the process moves forward, marking a significant step in the administration of Jane Geary’s estate and the management of these valuable lands in County Limerick.

Freeman’s Journal – Friday 05 March 1915

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