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Reports from our correspondent in Limerick indicate a notable surge in recruitment efforts across the city and its surrounding district. Approximately one hundred individuals from the area have recently enlisted in the 9th Battalion of the Royal Irish Fusiliers, contributing to the formation of the esteemed Irish Brigade.

This increase in recruitment marks a substantial development for the region, reflecting a growing interest and commitment to military service among local residents. The 9th Battalion, renowned for its storied history and distinguished service record, continues to attract recruits eager to join its ranks and uphold its legacy of valour and dedication.

The surge in enlistment is seen as a positive indicator of the strong sense of patriotism and duty prevalent within the community. With each new recruit, the bonds of camaraderie and solidarity within the Irish Brigade are strengthened, further bolstering its capabilities and effectiveness in service to the nation.

Limerick, a city steeped in rich cultural heritage and tradition, has long been known for its resilience and spirit of resilience in the face of challenges. The decision of so many individuals to answer the call to serve reflects this enduring spirit, underscoring the deep-rooted values of courage, sacrifice, and loyalty that define the local populace.

The 9th Battalion, drawing recruits from Limerick and its surrounding areas, is poised to make significant contributions to the ongoing efforts of the Royal Irish Fusiliers. With a legacy dating back centuries, the regiment continues to play a vital role in safeguarding the interests and security of the nation, both at home and abroad.

As recruits undergo training and prepare to embark on their military journey, they carry with them the proud heritage of Limerick and the steadfast support of their community. Their commitment to serving in the Irish Brigade serves as a testament to their dedication to upholding the values of honour, duty, and service to which they aspire.

In the days and weeks ahead, Limerick will continue to stand as a beacon of patriotism and dedication, as its sons and daughters step forward to answer the call of duty and join the ranks of the 9th Battalion. Their contribution to the Irish Brigade ensures that the legacy of service and sacrifice endures, safeguarding the freedoms and liberties cherished by all.

Freeman’s Journal – Wednesday 31 March 1915

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