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Limerick Set to Illuminate Entire Ireland with Ambitious Hydro Electric Scheme |

Limerick Set to Illuminate Entire Ireland with Ambitious Hydro Electric Scheme

An ambitious plan to illuminate the entirety of Ireland with electric lighting is currently underway, with Limerick poised to play a pivotal role in this transformative endeavour. The Impartial Reporter from Enniskillen has revealed the emergence of a groundbreaking scheme of immense magnitude, which aims to harness the power of waterways to generate electricity on a monumental scale.

In its nascent stages, the scheme envisions the creation of a £1,000,000 company, spearheaded by a consortium comprising Mr Walter Hume of Dublin, Mr McAndrew, an engineer also based in Dublin, and Mr B. L. Winslow, a solicitor from Enniskillen. This consortium is laying the groundwork for a larger enterprise that seeks to revolutionise Ireland’s energy landscape.

Central to the scheme is the utilization of the abundant water resources flowing through Belleek and Limerick. Plans are underway to harness the waters of Lough Erne in Belleek and the mighty Shannon in Limerick to generate electricity. The proposed hydroelectric facilities will not only provide lighting but also power factories across Belfast and the northern half of Ireland.

At Belleek, a canal is slated to be constructed, diverting water from Lough Erne to generate electricity and create a miniature Niagara-like cascade. Landowners along the proposed canal route have reportedly shown willingness to sell their land for this transformative project.

In tandem with the Belleek facility, turbines are set to be erected at Castleconnell, near Limerick, to supply electricity to Dublin and the southern half of Ireland. This coordinated effort underscores the comprehensive nature of the scheme, aiming to electrify both urban centres and rural communities alike.

Crucially, the Hydro Electric Company, as the entity behind this initiative is known, aims not to compete with existing electric companies but to complement them. The focus lies on providing affordable electric power to areas currently underserved by traditional means, including towns like Enniskillen and Omagh. Furthermore, the scheme seeks to challenge the dominance of gas lighting by offering a viable alternative.

While the cost of implementing such an ambitious plan is expected to be substantial, with estimates ranging between one and two million pounds, initial funding appears to be secured. This underscores the confidence and commitment of the stakeholders involved in realising this visionary project.

As Ireland looks towards a future powered by renewable energy, the Hydro Electric Company’s scheme represents a significant step towards achieving this goal. With Limerick poised to become a hub of innovation in the energy sector, the prospect of illuminating the entire island with clean, sustainable electricity draws ever closer.

Dublin Daily Express – Friday 26 March 1915

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