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Limerick-Born Monsignor Patrick. White Appointed Rector of Church in Rome |

Limerick-Born Monsignor Patrick. White Appointed Rector of Church in Rome

The Right Reverend Monsignor Patk. White, hailing from Limerick parentage, has been appointed as the new Rector of the Church of San Silvester in Rome. Monsignor White, 44, originally from Scotland, brings with him a wealth of experience and a distinguished academic background from his collegiate years in England and Rome.

Having embarked on his vocation with fervour, Monsignor White’s journey took him to distant shores as he dedicated eleven years to Foreign Missions in Western Australia following his ordination. His commitment to spreading the message of faith in diverse landscapes speaks volumes about his dedication and passion for his calling.

Returning to Ireland, Monsignor White took on the role of Rector at Mirka College for a brief tenure of twelve months before being summoned back to Rome, where his journey in service to the Church has now come full circle.

The appointment of Monsignor White as Rector of the Church of San Silvester in Rome signifies a recognition of his capabilities and the trust bestowed upon him by his superiors. It also marks a significant milestone in his personal and spiritual journey, one that is rooted in his Limerick heritage and shaped by his experiences across continents.

As Monsignor White assumes his new responsibilities, he brings with him not only a deep reverence for tradition but also a forward-looking approach to pastoral care and community engagement. His leadership is expected to invigorate the congregation and foster a sense of unity and purpose within the Church of San Silvester.

In Limerick, where his familial roots lie, Monsignor White’s appointment is met with pride and well-wishes from the local community. His ascent to such a prominent position within the Church reflects not only his own dedication but also serves as an inspiration to others aspiring to serve in the clergy.

The Church of San Silvester, nestled in the heart of Rome, holds a special place in the spiritual landscape of the city. As Monsignor White assumes his role as Rector, he steps into a position of responsibility that extends beyond the confines of the physical church building, encompassing the spiritual welfare of its parishioners and the wider community.

With Monsignor White at the helm, the Church of San Silvester looks forward to a new chapter marked by compassion, faith, and a renewed sense of purpose. His journey from Limerick to Rome is not just a geographical one but a testament to the universal appeal of faith and the enduring legacy of those who dedicate their lives to its service.

Irish Independent – Tuesday 13 April 1915

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