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Tailor Arrested in Limerick under Defence of the Realm Act |

Tailor Arrested in Limerick under Defence of the Realm Act

In a peculiar turn of events, Francis J. Shannon, a 60-year-old tailor, found himself in the spotlight today as he was apprehended by the Constabulary near the town of Limerick. The arrest, made under the provisions of the Defence of the Realm Act, occurred in Parteen, approximately two miles from Limerick city centre.

Shannon’s detainment stemmed from allegedly suspicious activities earlier in the day, where he was discovered sketching in the vicinity. Upon his arrest, authorities conducted a thorough search, revealing a collection of maps, sketches, a mileage itinerary, and a sum of £20 in his possession.

Presented before Mr J. Kelly, Stipendiary Magistrate, during the evening proceedings, Shannon maintained his innocence, asserting that he hailed from Ennistymon, County Clare, and plied his trade as a tailor. He explained that the maps and sketches were solely for personal reference and held no nefarious intent.

After deliberation, Mr Kelly opted to release Shannon, accepting his account and finding no compelling evidence to warrant further action. The decision effectively cleared Shannon of any suspicion, marking the conclusion of an unusual episode in the region.

The Defence of the Realm Act, initially enacted during times of war, grants authorities broad powers to maintain national security and public order. Its application in this instance underscores the vigilance exercised by law enforcement in monitoring activities deemed potentially threatening or subversive.

While the incident may have momentarily disrupted the tranquillity of the area, the swift resolution highlights the efficiency of the legal system in swiftly addressing matters of concern.

Limerick, known for its rich cultural heritage and scenic landscapes, rarely finds itself embroiled in such incidents. However, today’s events serve as a reminder of the importance of remaining vigilant and responsive to any perceived threats, however minor they may seem.

As the community returns to its daily routines, the episode involving Francis J. Shannon serves as a curious footnote in the annals of Limerick’s history, prompting reflection on the delicate balance between security measures and individual freedoms in an ever-changing world.

Dublin Daily Express – Thursday 01 April 1915

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