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"Final Salute: Limerick Pays Tribute to Fallen Hero At Ypres with Military Funeral" |

“Final Salute: Limerick Pays Tribute to Fallen Hero At Ypres with Military Funeral”

A sombre atmosphere enveloped Mount St. Laurence in Limerick as the community gathered to pay their final respects to Private Killeen of the 2nd Battalion, Royal Munster Fusiliers. Private Killeen, who tragically passed away upon his return from the frontline at Ypres, was honoured with a military funeral befitting his service and sacrifice.

The poignant ceremony was marked by the solemn strains of funeral marches performed by two city Nationalist bands, their mournful melodies echoing through the air as a testament to the solemnity of the occasion. Friends, family, and fellow servicemen stood in solemn reverence, their hearts heavy with the weight of loss and remembrance.

Amidst the poignant rituals, the South Irish Horse stood tall and resolute, forming the firing party that paid homage to their fallen comrade with a final salute at the graveside. Each volley of gunfire served as a poignant reminder of the ultimate sacrifice made by Private Killeen in service to his country.

The streets of Limerick were lined with onlookers, their heads bowed in silent tribute as the funeral procession made its way to the final resting place of Private Killeen. The flag-draped coffin, borne by fellow soldiers with solemn dignity, served as a poignant symbol of honour and duty.

As the sun cast a gentle glow over the cemetery, the gathered mourners listened solemnly as heartfelt eulogies were delivered, each word a poignant reminder of the impact Private Killeen had on those around him. His bravery, his sacrifice, and his unwavering dedication to duty were celebrated and honoured by all who had gathered to bid him farewell.

In a city steeped in history and tradition, the military funeral of Private Killeen stands as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by generations past in the name of freedom and peace. As the strains of the Last Post echoed through the air, a sense of solemnity descended upon Mount St. Laurence, a timeless tribute to a brave soldier who gave his all in service to his country.

Though Private Killeen may have passed from this world, his memory lives on in the hearts of those who knew him, his legacy forever enshrined in the annals of Limerick’s history. As the community comes together to mourn his loss, they also find solace in the knowledge that his sacrifice will never be forgotten, his spirit forever immortalised in the fabric of their collective memory.

Irish Independent – Tuesday 27 April 1915

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