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In a well-attended meeting of Limerick’s licensed vintners held at the Town Hall yesterday evening, chaired by Mr James Quinn, J.P., concerns were raised over the potential impact of increased taxation on the trade. The motion, proposed by Mr Michael and seconded by Mr Edward Lloyd, resulted in a unanimous resolution protesting against any further tax hikes, citing fears of detrimental effects on the brewing industries and local businesses.

The meeting, which drew a significant turnout from Limerick’s publicans, underscored the gravity of the situation facing the city’s drinking establishments. With ongoing discussions about potential tax increases on alcohol sales, there is growing apprehension among business owners about the potential ramifications for their livelihoods.

Mr James Quinn, presiding over the meeting, emphasised the importance of unity within the industry to address these challenges effectively. He stressed the need for a united front in lobbying against any measures that could threaten the viability of Limerick’s pubs and breweries.

The resolution adopted at the meeting reflects the deep-seated concerns within the local business community. Publicans fear that further taxation could lead to increased prices for consumers, which may ultimately deter patrons and harm revenue streams.

Moreover, there are worries that additional financial burdens could stifle investment and innovation within Limerick’s brewing sector. Many see the city’s vibrant pub culture and burgeoning craft beer scene as integral parts of its identity and economy, and they are determined to protect these assets from undue financial strain.

The resolution also called for greater transparency and consultation from policymakers regarding any proposed changes to alcohol taxation. Publicans are keen to have their voices heard in the decision-making process, as they believe that their insights and experiences are crucial for crafting effective and equitable policies.

While acknowledging the need for responsible drinking practices and public health considerations, Limerick’s publicans are urging policymakers to strike a balance between regulation and support for the hospitality industry. They argue that punitive measures, such as excessive taxation, could have unintended consequences, including job losses and the decline of local businesses.

Looking ahead, the Limerick licensed vintners have pledged to continue advocating for the interests of their members and the wider community. They are committed to engaging constructively with policymakers and stakeholders to find sustainable solutions that uphold both public health and economic prosperity.

In the face of uncertainty, Limerick’s publicans remain resolute in their determination to preserve the city’s rich drinking heritage and ensure a thriving future for its pubs and breweries.

Dublin Daily Express – Wednesday 21 April 1915

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