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"Relief in Limerick as Chancellor's Beer Duty Proposal Delayed" |

“Relief in Limerick as Chancellor’s Beer Duty Proposal Delayed”

Residents and traders in Limerick breathed a collective sigh of relief upon learning of the postponement of the Chancellor’s proposed increases to beer and spirits duties. The anticipation preceding the announcement had caused intense anxiety throughout the city. However, as news of the delay spread, a palpable sense of satisfaction washed over the community.

While uncertainty still looms regarding the eventual outcome, there is a prevailing sentiment that the delay may signal a potential reconsideration of the proposed tax hikes. The Chancellor’s decision to hold off on implementing the increases has been met with cautious optimism, particularly among those who feared the financial impact on local businesses and consumers.

As Limerick awaits further developments, stakeholders remain hopeful that their concerns will be taken into account, emphasising the importance of a balanced approach to fiscal policy that supports economic growth while ensuring the well-being of the community.

Dublin Daily Express – Wednesday 05 May 1915

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