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£1000 For Historic Mansion Sold in Limerick |

£1000 For Historic Mansion Sold in Limerick

In a notable event on Saturday, Mr William H. Fitt initiated the sale of the esteemed Mount Shannon mansion, located in Limerick. This mansion holds significant historical value as the former residence of the first Earl of Clare, who served as Lord Chancellor during the Union era. Spanning across 88 acres of demesne, the property garnered substantial attention during the auction proceedings.

Commencing at an initial bid, the auction swiftly escalated with subsequent bids soaring to £700. However, it was eventually withdrawn from further competition. Shortly thereafter, the mansion found its new owner through a private bid, securing a deal for £1,000 with Mr O’Leary Flanagan.

The legal aspects of the sale were overseen by Messrs. T. W. Hardman and Sons, solicitors based in Molesworth Street, Dublin, who facilitated the transaction.

The sale of Mount Shannon mansion marks a significant chapter in Limerick’s heritage, with its rich history poised to continue under new ownership.

Irish Independent – Tuesday 25 May 1915

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