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12 Limerick Navymen Aboard Torpedoed Battleship Goliath |

12 Limerick Navymen Aboard Torpedoed Battleship Goliath

Twelve residents from the villages of Coonagh and Newtown, nestled along the banks of the Shannon near Limerick, were among those caught in the tragic sinking of the battleship Goliath. The vessel, stationed off Gallipoli to support Allied troops, fell victim to Ottoman torpedoes in the early hours of May 13th.

Amidst a moonless night, the Ottoman destroyer Muâvenet-i Millîye stealthily approached, evading the patrols. Despite British attempts to challenge and repel the attacker, Goliath succumbed to the onslaught, with torpedoes striking her hull. The devastating blows caused the ship to capsize rapidly, leaving little time for escape.

Of the 750 souls aboard, including Captain Thomas Shelford, 570 perished in the tragedy, while survivors clung to hope amidst the chaos. The nearby British warships swiftly rallied to rescue those in peril, with courageous efforts to retrieve survivors from the engulfed vessel.

As the sun rose over the sombre scene, the communities of Coonagh and Newtown mourned the loss of their fellow villagers and prayed for the safe return of any survivors. The sinking of the Goliath stands as a stark reminder of the perils faced by those who serve at sea, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of Limerick and beyond.

Irish Independent – Saturday 15 May 1915

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