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Irish Guards Band Receives Warm Welcome in Limerick |

Irish Guards Band Receives Warm Welcome in Limerick

The Irish Guards’ Band recently graced Limerick with their presence, embarking on a recruiting tour that saw them greeted with open arms by the local community. Arriving at Limerick Railway Station on Monday, the band was met by an enthusiastic crowd representing various segments of society, along with the Boherbuoy and St. John’s Bands, who serenaded them through the city’s thoroughfares.

A highlight of their visit was a luncheon hosted at the Desmond Hall, within Cruise’s Royal Hotel, on Friday the 23rd ult. This event, attended by over 130 guests including esteemed local figures like Sir Charles Barrington and Mr O’Grady Delmege, provided an opportunity for camaraderie and celebration. Toasts were raised to His Majesty the King, the Irish Guards, and other esteemed institutions, with heartfelt responses echoing the sentiment of solidarity between the Irish Guards and various local organisations.

Commendation was also extended to the impeccable police arrangements overseen by Mr Craig, District Inspector, whose adept coordination ensured the success of the gathering. The Irish Guards’ visit not only showcased their musical prowess but also fostered bonds of friendship and respect within the community.

Constabulary Gazette (Dublin) – Saturday 15 May 1915

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