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Limerick Lady Aboard Lusitania: Identity Uncertain |

Limerick Lady Aboard Lusitania: Identity Uncertain

Amidst the latest voyage of the renowned ocean liner Lusitania, speculation arises concerning the presence of a Limerick resident aboard. Miss Mary Carson, reportedly hailing from the vibrant city, was anticipated amongst the passengers. However, ambiguity shrouds her exact identity, casting doubt on her purported journey.

According to correspondence from the Canard Company, while a passenger by the name of Carson is listed, confirmation of her given name remains elusive. This raises the possibility of mistaken identity, leaving room for conjecture regarding the true traveller from Limerick.

Notably, Miss Carson is noted as the sibling of Mr J. S. Carson, a prominent figure within Limerick’s journalistic circles. The discrepancy surrounding her presence aboard the Lusitania adds intrigue to her purported voyage, prompting further inquiry into the accurate details of her travels.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 15 May 1915

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