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£50 Damages Awarded in Limerick Slander Case |

£50 Damages Awarded in Limerick Slander Case

In a recent ruling at the Prance Court, Mr Justice Madden presiding over a special jury, £50 in damages was awarded yesterday. The case involved allegations of slander brought forth by Mr William O’Brien Hishion against Martha Olivia Hopkins, a niece of the late Mr Myles Richard Hopkins, a prominent jeweller in Limerick.

The plaintiff, Mr Hishion, a retired civil servant turned auditor, accused Ms. Hopkins of unjustly branding him a thief. Testimonies revealed instances where Ms. Hopkins accused Mr Hishion of embezzlement, tarnishing his reputation within the business community.

Ms. Hopkins, representing herself, denied directly accusing Mr Hishion of theft but suggested irregularities in financial matters. However, the jury found in favour of Mr Hishion, awarding him £50 in damages for the unwarranted slander.

The case underscores the importance of preserving one’s reputation in the professional realm, particularly in close-knit communities such as Limerick. The verdict serves as a reminder of the legal consequences of making unfounded accusations that can harm an individual’s livelihood and standing in society.

Dublin Daily Express – Friday 04 June 1915

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