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Limerick Mourns Loss of Lieutenant J. R. Hall |

Limerick Mourns Loss of Lieutenant J. R. Hall

Limerick, Ireland – The city of Limerick is in mourning following the tragic news of the death of Lieutenant J. R. Hall, a brave soldier who met his end on the battlefield near Ypres. Lieutenant Hall, attached to the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Dublin Regiment, lost his life in action on the 15th of last month.

Son of Mr and Mrs. L. L. Hall, and grandson of the late J.P. Hall of Limerick, Lieutenant Hall was the sole surviving son of his parents. At the age of 25, he had already distinguished himself, having received his education at Trinity College, Dublin, before joining the army three years ago.

The bereaved family received condolences from Lord Kitchener himself, expressing his sympathy for their loss. Additionally, they have been comforted by the outpouring of support from friends and well-wishers both in Limerick and beyond.

Lieutenant J. R. Hall’s sacrifice will be remembered with honour and respect by the community of Limerick as they come together to mourn the loss of a courageous son of the city.

Dublin Daily Express – Wednesday 02 June 1915

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