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Limerick Quarter Sessions Opened in County Crown Court |

Limerick Quarter Sessions Opened in County Crown Court

The Quarter Sessions for the Eastern Division of Limerick County commenced yesterday at the County Crown Court, with Judge Law Smyth, K.C., presiding. Mr W. M. Beauchamp, Clerk of the Crown, announced that no cases were to be heard on the day.

In a ceremonial gesture, Mr R. K. Lucas, Sub-Sheriff, presented His Honor with a pair of white gloves, to which Judge Smyth expressed gratitude. He commended the county’s peaceful state, remarking on the importance of such tranquillity amidst broader national challenges.

Reflecting on the ongoing conflict, Judge Smyth underscored the significance of continued contributions to national defence, expressing hope for the future. “May we continue to send, in the future, as many gallant men to fight for our country as we have done in the past,” he concluded.

The proceedings marked the beginning of the Quarter Sessions, highlighting both the administrative duties and the ceremonial traditions inherent in the judicial process in Limerick County.

Freeman’s Journal – Friday 04 June 1915

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