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United Irish League: Local Reorganisation Efforts Gain Momentum in Limerick |

United Irish League: Local Reorganisation Efforts Gain Momentum in Limerick

In a bid to revitalise community engagement and political activism, residents of Cappamore, County Limerick, gathered for a public meeting on Sunday. The focal point of discussion was the reinstatement of the local branch of the United Irish League, drawing a significant turnout from the community.

Under the chairmanship of Dr John McCarthy, D.C., attendees pledged their support to the cause, with every participant enrolling in the organisation. Mr London, a prominent figure, received accolades for his dedication to Irish interests.

The meeting also served as a platform for impassioned speeches, notably from Mr Thongs, who criticised the recent formation of the Coalition Ministry, labelling it a betrayal of Ireland’s aspirations. Emphasising the need for vigilance and unity, speakers called for a renewed commitment to national self-government.

Highlighting the historical significance of organised resistance, references were made to past mobilisations in Cappamore, underlining the enduring determination to uphold Ireland’s rights.

The unanimous adoption of resolutions reaffirming support for Mr Redmond and the Irish Party underscored a collective resolve to navigate challenges and champion Irish interests, despite political opposition.

Organisers, including Mr J.P. O’Connor, C.L., stressed the importance of continued grassroots support, signalling a renewed sense of purpose and determination among attendees.

Freeman’s Journal – Thursday 03 June 1915

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