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Barrington Braves Frontlines in Red Cross Ambulances |

Barrington Braves Frontlines in Red Cross Ambulances

Several distinguished gentlemen from Limerick have answered the call of duty, embarking on a noble mission to serve on the front lines in France. Among them is Sir Charles Barrington, Burt., D.L., of Glenstal, who has departed England to operate a motor ambulance for the Red Cross. His selfless dedication to aiding the wounded echoes the sentiments of his compatriots.

Joining him in this courageous endeavour is Mr J. B. Barrington, J.P., of Ashroe, Newport, who is also actively involved in ambulance duties at the Front. Alongside them stand Mr J. V. Phelps and Mr Arthur Vincent, both esteemed individuals hailing from Limerick, committed to providing vital medical assistance in the theatre of war.

Their decision to volunteer for such perilous service reflects the strong spirit of solidarity and compassion within the Limerick community. In times of great need, these men have exemplified the values of courage and altruism, leaving behind the comforts of home to alleviate the suffering of those affected by conflict.

As they navigate the challenges and dangers inherent in their mission, the people of Limerick hold them in high esteem, proud of their bravery and unwavering commitment to the humanitarian cause. Their actions serve as a testament to the indomitable spirit of solidarity that unites communities in times of crisis.

Dublin Daily Express – Friday 18 June 1915

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