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Fire Scare at Limerick Picture Theatre Prompts Brief Evacuation |

Fire Scare at Limerick Picture Theatre Prompts Brief Evacuation

An unexpected incident unfolded at the Treaty Picture Theatre in Limerick last night, stirring a brief commotion among the audience. The cause? A small fire ignited in the basement due to the accidental ignition of papers, triggering alarms and prompting a precautionary evacuation.

The proprietor swiftly intervened, urging patrons to exit the premises calmly and orderly despite the sudden disruption to the evening’s entertainment. Authorities were promptly alerted, and the fire brigade swiftly responded to the scene to tackle the outbreak.

Fortunately, due to the quick response and efficient action taken by both the theatre staff and the emergency services, the fire was swiftly brought under control. Reports indicate that the damage incurred was minimal, allowing for the resumption of the scheduled display shortly thereafter.

While the incident undoubtedly caused a momentary interruption, the swift and coordinated response demonstrated the effectiveness of emergency protocols in place. Patrons were able to return to their seats with reassurance, as normalcy was restored to the theatre environment.

The Treaty Picture Theatre, known for its rich history and cultural significance in the heart of Limerick, has long been a cherished venue for entertainment seekers. Such incidents, though rare, serve as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and preparedness in ensuring the safety and well-being of both patrons and staff.

In the aftermath of the incident, authorities are expected to conduct a thorough investigation to determine the exact cause of the fire and assess any potential safety improvements that may be warranted. However, initial assessments suggest that the incident was indeed accidental in nature, stemming from an unintended ignition of papers in the basement.

Despite the momentary disruption, the incident serves as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the Limerick community, with both patrons and staff handling the situation with calm and cooperation. As the Treaty Picture Theatre continues to welcome guests for its diverse array of screenings and events, efforts to uphold safety standards remain paramount to ensure that such incidents remain isolated occurrences.

For now, the lights are back on, and the show goes on at the Treaty Picture Theatre, reminding us all the enduring spirit of resilience in the face of unexpected challenges.

Irish Independent – Saturday 26 June 1915

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