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Labour Shortage in Limerick Impacts Harbour Operations |

Labour Shortage in Limerick Impacts Harbour Operations

A delegation representing coal merchants from Limerick convened at Monday’s Harbour Board meeting to address the pressing issue of labour scarcity affecting dock operations. The delegation sought the adoption of mechanized solutions such as powered cranes to facilitate vessel unloading due to the dwindling availability of manual labour.

The scarcity of workforce has led to significant delays in clearing vessels at the docks. Previously, vessels could be cleared within nineteen hours, but now, due to the labour shortage, this process is extended to three or four days, causing disruptions in maritime activities and affecting businesses reliant on timely cargo handling.

In response to the concern raised by the delegation, a committee was promptly formed to investigate the matter. The committee’s mandate includes exploring potential solutions to mitigate the impact of the labour shortage on harbour operations.

To address the labour shortage, the committee has decided to engage with the Dock Labourers’ Society to seek their input and cooperation in finding viable remedies. Collabouration with key stakeholders such as labour unions underscores the importance of a collective effort in overcoming the challenges posed by the current labour situation.

The outcome of these deliberations and the subsequent actions taken by the Harbour Board will be closely monitored by stakeholders, with the hope that effective measures will be implemented to alleviate the strain caused by the scarcity of labour in Limerick’s maritime sector.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 19 June 1915

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